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Niche Beauty


34 Blvd St Germain

€ 150,00
In Stock Free shipping € 200,00 / 100 ml

Size 75ml | Size 75 ml

The new 34 boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Parfum is an ode to the modernity of the 34 boulevard Saint Germain boutique.

This developed composition is from the same inspiration, the same address, but at a different time than the previous ones.
It proves to be more concise and deep, somehow golden, more radiant, more sensual. The eau de parfum is built around a woody chord of consoles, display cases, shelves and counters shining with light and is based on an extraordinary Australian sandalwood of Indian origin, which gives it an intense velvety, almost lascivious aura and a clearly oriental flair. Madagascar vanilla, which is also found in eau de toilette, further enhances this warmth until a tonka bean with a high coumarin content comes into play. With a hint of almond, slightly spicy (echo of cinnamon and clove), strongly appealing. They come from a pinch of Pepperwood pepper and a strong handful of pink berries, half fruit, half flower, happy "accidents" that suddenly appear

BR>Fragrance family: woody, spicy, fruity.

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