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Circu-Lite Squeeze Theraphy for Legs

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Firming and massage tool for legs.

A vacuum cup which promotes deep drainage, circulation, skin firmness, tone and elasticity. Ours is specially made to be used with Cellu-Lite Salon Secret For Legs, and is another key feature of our signature leg-contouring massage, used by our team of Legologists with a rolling massage technique to reduce fluid retention, stimulate local metabolism and smooth uneven areas of fat.

- Promoting deep drainage & reducing fluid retention.

- Enhancing lymph flow and blood circulation.

- Stimulating local metabolism.

- Smoothing out uneven areas of fat.

- Enhancing skin tone & firmness.

Smooth a light layer of cellu-lite salon secret for legs over your skin. Squeeze the circu-lite suction cup together, then release it as you rest the cup on your skin, dragging it upwards in lines over areas of congestion or the entire leg.

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