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Niche Beauty

Villa d'Assia

Elena's Natural Tortoise Brush

€ 105,00
In Stock Free shipping € 105,00 / 1 piece
Size 1 piece


Hairbrush in a tortoiseshell design.

Medium-sized brush in an elegant tortoiseshell design. With a mix of natural and synthetic bristles. Handmade in Italy.

Material: Body made of plastic in a tortoiseshell design. Mix of nylon and particularly strong natural bristles! Knobs made of plastic.
Dimensions: 22 x 6 cm

• Handmade in Italy.

• Ensures particularly glamorous hair.

• High-quality, natural bristles.

Suitable for every type of hair and ideal for a sensitive scalp. Pleasantly massages the scalp and stimulates the circulation

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Art. no. 335-001

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