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Niche Beauty

Christophe Robin

The French master of luxurious, healthy hair care

Christophe Robin is the colourist of choice for the world’s most celebrated actresses and top models. Catherine Deneuve, Tilda Swinton, Kylie Minogue, Kristin Scott Thomas and many others have been his trusted clients for years. The models, whose hair color he changed weekly during the fashion shows, needed deep care that could protect their hair from relentless processing, thus Christophe has worked with the most reputable formulators in order to develop his product line. The line has been designed to respond to the specific needs of hair, damaged by chemical processing: hair colors, highlights, permanents, straightening, as well as exterior elements (sun, sea, wind, pool), and the hair-dryer. All women can now maintain, at home, the health of their hair, and the brilliance of their color. One constant feature: different textures, effects that are visible on the long term, the benefit of experience and extremely high standards of quality.



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