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Ancient + Brave 
Cacao + Collagen

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Nutrient-rich instant chocolate to boost energy and mood, supports intermittent fasting.

A deliciously smooth chocolate blend packed with organic Peruvian raw cacao and enriched with 2000mg of True Collagen in every serving. With hints of cinnamon and Himalayan pink salt, this high-fibre, high-protein nourishing blend is a delicious addition to your daily routine packed with restorative Siberian ginseng and cleansing beetroot.

Approx. 25 servings (250g)
• Rich and nourishing

• Enhances your mood and energy levels

• Helps you fast for longer

• High in iron and magnesium

• This plant based ingredients are organic and approved by the Soil Association

• Generous amounts of grass-fed bovine collagen
• Wake up and make a delicious Ancient + Brave brew.
• Mix 2 scoops (10g) of Cacao + Collagen with 250ml hot water or plant based milk.

Tip: Gives a particularly long-lasting feeling of satiation during intermittent fasting when mixed with 1 tsp of butter and 1 tsp of 'True MCT’.
Organic Peruvian raw cacao, Organic cocoa, Grass fed bovine collagen (20%), Organic beetroot, Organic cinnamon, Organic carob, Organic Siberian ginseng, Organic baobab, Pink Himalayan salt

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