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Shaving brush for wet shaving, vegan.

A perfect accessory for a perfect gentleman. Made with noble materials – carved wood and stainless steel - and premium, manually processed synthetic fibers. The tips are soft, but the strengthened mid-section provides the firmness needed for regular lathering. A Musgo Real Shaving Brush holder is also available, sold separately.
- A traditional full shaving ritual.

- Obtaining a rich lather out of your shaving cream or shaving soap

- The handle is made of wood and metal and the metal is engraved with the iconic Musgo Real crown.

- The Silvertip Fiber® bristles are high-quality synthetic fibers whose material characteristics are analogous to those of the precious natural hair, silvertip badger. The 'Silvertip Fibre®' is very soft at its fine tips, but somewhat more stable than natural hair in the middle section. These characteristics produce a pleasant, soft sensation on the skin when the lather is applied. These manually processed fibers are less sensitive than natural hair as they dry more quickly and are resistant to shaving soaps and creams.

- They are completely vegan fibers and somewhat easier to use than natural hair as they produce a particularly creamy and thick lather from a small amount of shaving soap or cream.

- Musgo Real’s iconic identity has undergone several redesigns over the decades, always maintaining its minimal elegance and color codes, but with a modern masculine twist. The award-winning packaging suits the taste of the most design savy.

- Matte Black is the color chosen for Musgo Real Shaving Accessories, an echo of timeless masculine elegance.
- Prior to first use, the brush should be washed well in warm soapy water.

- Do not leave lathered brushes standing.

- Immediately after use, rinse thoroughly under running water to prevent soap residue damaging the fine hair on the brush head.

- Dry by shaking out remaining water, then hang it on the Shaving Brush Holder with the bristles pointing down.

- Do not clean with chemical detergents.
Synthetic fibers, the handle is made of wood and metal