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Déesse Pro 
Déesse Pro LED Mask

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Ultimate high-tech LED mask for every skin need, loved by Celebrities.

Déesse, the market leaders in LED technology have pioneered a new enhanced LED phototherapy mask for the professional market. Designed to provide superior performance, flexibility and prolonged usage within the professional spa, medispa or clinical environment the Déesse PRO uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to expose the skin to 4 wavelengths of light, delivered at a safe therapeutic dose, to stimulate a natural cellular response across 6 Treatment modes. Delivered with interchangeable power supply with every mask – perfect for pan country clients who travels the world.
- Most luxury & coveted led mask in the market

- Highest strength mask led output

- Most led lights in mask format

- Most comfortable fit

- Features 770 Bulbs total, 4 wavelengths & 6 treatment modes.

- Anti-ageing - Red light (630nm)

- Purifying - Blue light (415nm)

- Brightening - Green light (520nm)

- Post injectable procedure - Near infrared light (830nm) + Red light (630nm)+ Blue light(415nm)

- Calming - Green light (520nm) + Blue light (415nm)

- Anti-ageing express- Red light (630nm)

- No downtime

- Provides immediate and long term results

- Can be combined with pre-exisiting treatments/ products

- Non-invasive treatment

- Contains EU, US, UK and AU PLUGS
- Apply mask - using strap to secure into place.

- Select chosen mode and time.

- Relax for treatment time.

- Can be combined with pre-exisiting treatments or as a standalone treatment.

- Suitable for a range of skin types and concerns.