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Nail File No. 2

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For medium natural nails – feet and hands. Ideal for most nail types as a maintenance file.

Discover the diamond’s long-lasting strength and durability in Diamancel files. This amazing innovation offers many benefits to the beauty care professionals and her customers.

•Effective: Fast, Effortless, Filing.
•Durable: Will outlast all files! A true money saver!
•Washable: Files can be washed with soap and water.
•Sanitizable: Files can be safely soaked in antibacterial solution.
•Flexible: The fiberglass base is both resistant and flexible making filing easier.
•Effortless: Use a light hand! Diamond will do the work for you.
•Safe to use: The edges of the files have a smooth finish.
For fast effortless filing, use the Diamancel file with a gentle side-to-side motion and file until desired length is obtained and each nail is smooth. For perfect nails use the file every week or when necessary.

Cleaning Instructions: For optimum use, wash the files with soapy water and a soft brush after each use. To disinfect, soak file in anti-bacterial solution or in alcohol 70 to 90 USP (10 min). Do not soak or clean files with bleach or chlorine solution.
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