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Niche Beauty
€ 108,00
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Size 100 ml | Size 100 ml

A getaway to far-off, fragrant lands, somewhere between sweetness and style, masculine and feminine, white vanilla and black frankincense.

An enigmatic amber woody oriental that transports the senses. Eau Duelle is a sophisticated, spicy, irrepressible burst of fragrance...
The vibrant surge of cold spices – cardamom, pink peppercorn, saffron, and the intoxicating essence of juniper – is further intensified by fresh, aromatic accents of cypress and elemi. Then vanilla majestically enters in a chiaroscuro olfactory decor.
On the one hand, Firnat vanilla, vaporous, delectable, and powdery. Its thrilling sweetness is intensified by paradisone – a Firmenich captive molecule similar to an infinitely pure hedione – and by sweet, moist, and tenacious white musks. On the other hand, original and mysterious Bourbon vanilla, a bit smoky, almost syrupy. It is enhanced by vetiver, the wispy smoke of African frankincense and the leathery, animal nuances of Asian cypriol.

Eau Duelle will find favor with those who dream of inhaling a vanilla that is clearly off the beaten path. It will also delight amber lovers, fans of Armenian Paper, and those who have always worn L’Eau Trois, with its frankincense notes, and L’Eau Lente, with its vanilla amber sillage.

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