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L'Ombre dans l'Eau

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This perfume recalls a lush, green garden at water’s edge.

This fragrance combines the freshness of roses with green notes of blackcurrant leaves. Despite its seeming simplicity, this eau de toilette is built around an extremely precise balance of the two principal notes, such that they fit together in perfect harmony. First, after the blackcurrant leaf sap and buds, very botanic, very green, almost cold, one experiences bergamot – also called Tunisian lemon – and mandarin; two tart, explosive, yet tender citruses to mellow the initial bitterness.Then the Bulgarian rose (or Rosa damascena) appears, quite fresh and blushing, then headier with time. Lastly, the base note, upon which everything rests, composed of ambergris and musks. One for tenacity, fidelity, and a powdery note; the other for warmth, a discreet sensuality that weaves desirability across the skin.

Recommended for those seeking a chic and original eau or those wanting a rose fragrance.

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