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The Ballerina

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Real-Feel Vibrator for the whole vulva.

Explore the delicate sensitivity of the vulva with the Ballerina. Introducing for the first time ever a human touch texture, this unique palm-fit vibrator fully embraces each woman’s vulva. From the clitoral glans to the inner and outer labia, and all the way to the vaginal opening, its powerful vibration technology immediately stimulates your pleasure points for an elevated sensorial experience. Forget everything. Let a jolt of energy run through your body and allow your soul to fly.

Dimensions: 9 cm x 6 cm, max height 3.5 cm
- Put the Ballerina in the palm of your hand so the buttons face up and are close to your fingertips.

- Apply the vibrator on your vulva with its narrow end on your clitoris’ tip, and the wider end towards your vaginal entrance.
- Polished silicone for the smoothest touch

- Silicone gel for an organic feel

- 4 speeds and 3 pulsation modes

- Super silent

- Rechargeable

- Waterproof

- Phthalate-free