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Hand cleaning tool with nano silver and antibacterial silicone, cleans without soap, gentle to skin, travel friendly.

Handwashing has never been more thorough! Thanks to extra soft nano-silver, the hand cleaning tool manages to remove all bacteria and dirt from your hands – even without soap. The cleaning progress is about 3 times better than a conventional hand wash. The ergonomic anti-slip design guarantees an easy operation. An ideal companion on travel and on top practical for children’s hands.

- Nano-silver removes toxins, bacteria and dirt.

- Effective even without soap.

- Up to 3 times more thorough than conventional hand wash.

- Convenient for travel.

Wet hands with water and soap, take the tool and massage your hands inside and out for about 1-2 minutes. Rinse with water as usual. Dry the tool gently and store in the included protective cover.

Nanosilver Premium, antibacterial silicone

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