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Niche Beauty offers customers who are interested in beauty a selection of the world's hottest and most sought-after beauty products. We look forward to welcoming exclusive partners, websites and beauty bloggers to work with us and our affiliate program. Register with our affiliate partner Awin and earn hard cash when visitors to your website shop with Niche Beauty.

How do I become a partner of

Apply with your website to Awin or contact us directly.
You will be confirmed as a partner and can access the advertising material.
You choose the advertising material that is suitable for your target group and integrate the code on your website.

How much is the commission?

The standard commission is up to 10% on the shopping bag, minus returns.

How is the remuneration paid?

30 days after receipt of the order, NICHE BEAUTY compares the sales with its own system. All purchases that are not cancelled or returned in full will be reimbursed. In the case of partial returns, the partner receives the commission pro rata to the value of the shopping bag minus the returns.
After confirmation of the sales, the affiliate receives payment via the respective affiliate network.
Please note that the payment can be made up to 8 weeks after the date of the sales.

Which advertising media are available to me?

Partners can choose from various advertising media, depending on the target group and the orientation of the website. In addition to classic banners, which are aimed at specific campaigns or holidays, NICHE BEAUTY also offers text links and a product data feed.

Not yet active? Then start your campaign for the Niche Beauty affiliate program now!

Please feel free to contact us at any time for questions and suggestions:

Hearts & Science GmbH Niche Beauty Affiliate-Team
phone :+49 (0)89 - 995 294 0
here: Partner Program Niche Beauty.

You can ask us about this at any time if you have any questions about the program or about individual products. We look forward to hearing from you.

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