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Strictly Selective – Strictly Luxury

Hamburg's NICHE-BEAUTY.COM was founded under the motto “Strictly Selective – Strictly Luxury” with the goal to create an online portal dedicated exclusively to the most exciting and luxurious cosmetic brands from all over the world – many of which were up to that point only known to true insiders and often only found abroad. Since its beginning in 2011, NICHE-BEAUTY.COM supplied beauty highlights to more than 1 million customers in over 100 countries.

In the world of an endless and often confusing array of cosmetic brands, “Strictly Selective” stands for a well-curated portfolio of very special products that we select and value for their history, quality and uniqueness. When we say, “Strictly Luxury”, we don’t mean the brand image that has been bought with expensive advertising, but instead refer to selected ingredients, product innovation, compatibility and sustainability.

We’re not just a shop. We’re deeply interested in the development of the brands on the market, their founders, the way products are used and how effective they are, but we’re also interested in their design and sometimes in their well-known loyal customers. We love design, we love to look behind the scenes and enjoy keeping you up to date with the latest international beauty trends – be it directly via our website, or via the magazine, blog and social media. Our promise and commitment are to offer you the latest and the greatest from this fast-paced beauty cosmos, always. Everything we do, we do with love.

We are not just a shop. We are interested in the development of the brands, their founders, the application, function, and effectiveness of the products, their design, and sometimes even their well-known and loyal customers. We love design, peek behind the scenes, and enjoy keeping you informed about the latest international beauty trends. Whether it's directly through the portal or via magazine, newsletter, THE CLUB, blog, and social media. Offering you the best and newest from this beauty cosmos is our promise and commitment.


With love

Now hand-in-hand with Douglas – the biggest perfumery retailer in Europe. We want to guarantee an exquisite shopping experience with excellent customer service and good advice. Your purchase will be delivered with special care and attention to packaging within 1 to 2 working days.

We also offer 2 free samples and changing beauty deals with every order. Depending on the country, we deliver free of charge from a minimum order value (29,95€ for Germany).

We look forward to your visit and wish you lots of fun discovering our very personal recommendations.

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