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Candle 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain

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Size 600 g | Size 600 g

Scented candle with the signature scent of floral, green notes and warm spicy and woody nuances.

The oval emblem of 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain is engraved in a white bisque porcelain jar. The three candle wicks exude diptyque's signature scent: fresh, green and unusual notes of moss and crushed cassis leaves, underpinned by oriental spices and blended with multi-layered, warm woody and balsamic nuances.
- A 600 g candle burns for 90 hours.
- When you light a diptyque candle for the first time, let it burn for at least one hour to liquefy the entire surface of the wax and thus avoid the formation of a crater.

- Shorten the wick regularly to avoid soot deposits on the glass.

- Center the wick after use to allow the candle to burn evenly.