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Room Spray Baies

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Size 150 ml


Room spray with a floral and fruity character.

A rustle of petals and the foliage of dark berry shrubs gathered in an English garden.

Baies combines the essence of Bulgarian rose and blackcurrant leaf. The spontaneous, green, and leafy accents of blackcurrant form an original and sparkling green setting for the rose. A rare encounter in perfumery, at once natural, a bit wild, and very elegant. This sophisticated and original fragrance is one of the most well-known diptyque scents.

•The room spray is a wonderful complement to the candle
•The perfume is instantly noticeable
•It can be sprayed into the air or onto textiles, maintaining a certain distance from fabrics
•Spraying onto textiles allows the fragrance to last longer in the room

Fragrance family: fruity, floral.
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