Niche Beauty
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Eau de Parfum with woody molecular note, unisex.

“genetic bliss” speaks to our base potential, the essence of who and what we are – the unshakeable. A molecular perfume designed to adapt to your body’s unique natural scent, it’s infused with woody notes like akigalawood, belambre, and creamy sandalwood for a fragrance as singular as your genetic code.

As a molecular perfume, this fragrance does not evolve over time, but blends consistently and linearly into its surroundings. Great as a stand-alone or in combination with other 27 87 perfumes.
- Scents to accompany and accentuate the day-to-day ¬– versatile and present.

- Packaged in a black bottle and monochrome outer packaging as a tribute to the singularity of skin.

- 27 87 perfume compounds are not tested on animals, and to be said more – our supplier of perfume ingredients fully supports the principle of the 3Rs and invests in the development of replacement of animal testing. Our supplier is one of the leading contributors to the development of ‘in-vitro’ methods in testing ingredients for skin sensitization in the fragrance industry and is a member of European Partnership for the Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA).

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Art. no. 557-S-005

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