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Micro-needling roller to rejuvenate the skin, makes the skin care routine more effective, supports an even and radiant complexion.

Dr. Levy Switzerland


Dr. Levy Switzerland

Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel 50ml worth $90 with every Dr. Levy Switzerland order from $150

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*This Beauty Deal will automatically be added to your order if shown conditions are met

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Experience the look of firmer and smoother skin with this precision micro-needling roller designed to use safely at home. Built of 9 disks of 60 ultra-sharp titanium needles - totaling 540 micro spikes - the MicroSkin Roller gently micro-exfoliates dead skin and blockages on the skin's surface, effectively encouraging cellular oxygenation and optimal cell renewal. By allowing greater product penetration, microneedling with the MicroSkin Roller can improve active ingredients infusion and the supple complexion of skin. With just 2 to 3 applications a week, skin feels softer and looks visibly brighter; imperfections slowly fade for a fresher, luminous glow.

The micro needles of 0.3mm penetrate solely the uppermost skin layer (stratum corneum); the experience is thus painless and luxuriously comfortable. Not for sensitive skin. Carefully read instruction manual and precautions before using.

- Effectively exfoliates dead skin cells and trapped toxins.

- Can improve cellular oxygeneration active ingredient penetration.

- Supports skin's natural rejuvenation and renewal.

- Provides a bright, fresh skin tone.

- Creates clearer skin complexion.

- Can visibly reduce skin blemishes and large pores.

- No downtime.

- Product life > 15 applications with proper care

- Skin cleansing: cleanse the skin with 3Deep Cleanser > FastMask (on wet skin).

- First activation: Apply one pearl of Booster Serum over the face and any target area. Always wait 60 seconds (“the Sticky Minute”) before proceeding.

- MicroSkin Roller cleansing: for added precaution, desinfect your MicroSkin Roller before use ; you can for instance soak the roller in alcohol (between 75° and 90°) for 5 to 7 minutes.

- Star-shaped application: Roll the MicroSkin Roller on the face and any target zone; press slightly on the skin and roll, on each zone, first horizontally (2 to 3 times), then repeat with a vertical movement 2 or 3 times, and finally diagonally 2 or 3 times. Lift the roller in between each change of direction.

- Make sure whatever pressure you apply is comfortable. For areas that are more difficult to reach, you can gently spread the skin with your fingers while you roll.

- Second activation: apply the Booster Serum over the face and any target zones to nourish and replenish. Add a pearl of our Booster Cream. Close your skincare ritual with the Pollution Shield (skincare finisher) for a comprehensive anti-pollution protection and a matt finish.

MicroSkin Roller: 540 high-precision, medical-grade 0.3mm deep titanium microneedles

We do not believe that CLEAN products are a must or the answer to every skin care problem. But we want to provide a quick guide for those who want to avoid certain ingredients.

Our Clean Beauty concept is primarily defined by the ingredients you won't find in the products with the CLEAN icon:

BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), chemical sunscreens, EDTA, ethanolamines, ethoxylated ingredients (Ceteareth-20, emulsifying wax, PEGS, polysorbate-20, polysorbate-40, steareth-20, sulfates), formaldehyde, methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone, methylcellulose or 2-methoxyethanol, nitro- and polycyclic musk, parabens, petrolatum and paraffin, phthalates, resorcinol, silicones, animal by-products (with the exception of lanolin and beeswax), toluene, triclosan and triclocarban.

With this icon you can see at a glance which products meet the standard of our CLEAN Guide.

Read more in the STUDIO about THE NICHE CLEAN GUIDE!

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