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Brush with a cleansing, regenerating and tightening effect.

The ’Anti-Cellulite Body Brush’ tackles an issue of many women: Orange-peel skin. This one develops, when fat depots in the female body in areas such as the thighs, abdomen and buttocks hinder to transport tissue fluid and lymph – therefor dents are caused. Ideally, a holistic therapy, including exercise, diet and targeted activation of tissue metabolism through manual therapies help to address these ones.
Brush massage treatments at home help to become active to fight cellulite. Blood circulation is promoted and lymph flow in the tissue encouraged and at the same time, dead cells removed. This brush can be used for a dry massage which displays a more affective way, whereas in conjunction with water, the treatment is gentler for the skin. Both massages are effective to get your metabolism in the tissue going and when used regularly, it has a firming and preventive effect. Recommended for very tender skin, usage of the softer version.

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